Meet the Women

Jennifer and I decided to donate all profits from the sale of copies of Cooking for a Beautiful Woman to breast cancer and leukemia research in honor of my mother and two sisters and Jennifer’s sister.

My mother was a big band singer at nightclubs in Manhattan in the 1930s. Her story is Chapter 1 – She Made the Music Start.

Aunt Tillie – her indomitable spirit and incredible survival are the heart of Chapter 11.

It was the love affair that was going to last a lifetime. And then it ended. Chapter 9.

And then there’s the love affair that is still growing after more than 50 years. The story is Chapter 10.

It’s me with singer, song writer, actress Marti Barris during my bachelor years. Convertible Cars and Celebrity Bars is Chapter 8.

Immortality is a Granddaughter is Chapter 12.

Mothers and Daughters and Others is Chapter 16 – the story of personal and professional fulfillment.


100% of the profits from sales of this book will
support breast cancer and leukemia research.