Table of Contents

  • Introductionxiii
  • What Is "A Beautiful Woman"?xvii
  • Author's Notexix
  • 1. She Made the Music Start1
    Mom: Jewish Home Cooking from The Old Country
  • 2. The Day The War Ended39
    V-J Day: Recipes from a Soda Fountain in Brooklyn
  • 3. Puppy Love51
    Boys And Girls Together: New York Pushcart Treats
  • 4. California, Here I Am63
    The Quintero Family: Mexican Recipes
  • 5. First Touch83
    And Then We Danced: Barbecue
  • 6. The Christian Missionary and the Kid from Brooklyn97
    A Unique Bonding: Recipes for Chinese Food
  • 7. Forever Seventeen119
    Teenage Infatuation: A Taste of Basque Culture
  • 8. Convertible Cars and Celebrity Bars127
    The Bachelor Years: Omelets and Other Breakfasts
  • 9. Marna's Time141
    She Left and I Was Changed: Diners on the Sunset Strip
  • 10. The Three-Hour Cup of Coffee153
    50 Years Later and Going Strong: Recipes from Our Dinner Table
  • 11. An Indomitable Spirit – An Incredible Survival193
    Tillie Tooter, One of a Kind – A Feast from a Jewish Aunt's Kitchen
  • 12. Immortality Is a Granddaughter207
    She Called Me Granddad: Adult Dishes that the Kids Love
  • 13. Judy221
    Two Unforgettable Nights: Recipes from the Las Vegas Strip
  • 14. La Divina233
    A Lifetime of Musical Magic: A Favorite Greek Dish
  • 15. Fantasies241
    Through the Years: Desserts
  • 16. Mothers and Daughters and Others253
    Personal and Professional Fulfillment: Recipes from Around the Globe
  • Tips for Using these Recipes301
  • Index of Recipes305
  • Acknowledgments311